Friday, August 8, 2008

Online Article

First off, sorry for not posting. I have been slacking a little bit lately with the blog - there is a lot to write about, but there is also a lot of excuses why it doesn't happen.... Now to the topic.

One of the more regular online news sources about Russia that I read is The Moscow Times. They are one of the few independent newspapers, are rather objective and are published in English. The only drawback to their online editions is that you cannot access past articles unless there is a subscription. So in today's edition they featured an article about separation of wealth in the country... If you were here (in Russia), you would see examples of that every day and at some point you get so used to it, you stop paying attention (sad, isn't it?). So, just in case you are reading this post past the article's availability online through the newspaper, here is a link to the PDF file I created.

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