Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I haven't stopped by the blog in a while, but wanted to wish everyone a very happy New 2009 Year! Although Christmas for my U.S. family has already passed, I am still wishing them a blessed holiday season. Since Russian Orthodox Christmas is still ahead (January 7th), I'm wishing those who observe it a very merry Christmas. It is kind of nice to have the holiday season be stretched for so long ;)

Looking back at 2008, I immediately think of all the "not so nice" things that happened - making hard decisions, feeling disappointed and remarkably distracted, wishing others not going through painful moments of their lives, and so much more. On the other hand, I can't say good bye to 2008 without thanking it for "good" moments, those that taught us so much and that are so easy to overlook among all of the unpleasant memories. I am grateful for realizing how many people love and care, for the family that surrounds me with support and keeps me mentally afloat. I am grateful for my coworkers that enabled me to make the best out of the worst. I am grateful for friends that have been making me smile on a daily basis; albeit it is now a bit more "virtual". And I am grateful for everything not going as badly wrong as it could have.

So here is a toast to the 2009 and my heartfelt hope that in about 12 months we'll be toasting only to the warmest memories of the year.

Happy Holidays!!!