Thursday, December 11, 2008

Does it really snow in Russia?

Have to admit, that for as long as I lived in Wisconsin, I always said "I hate cold!". This year would be the same story - my WI family, friends, and co-workers are burried in who-knows-how-many feet of snow at the moment, my husband has been spending half of his work day on clearing out the cars at his dealership, and I hear endless stories of cars getting stuck in their driveways. So the logical question is how is the snow situation where I am?

Compared to WI, our weather has been much cooler since at least September. However, we still have no snow on the ground! Below is the picture of our first snow on November 19th. It stuck around for about 3-4 days and was all washed away with rain. The temperatures were in the upper 20s - low 30s today, which is the coldest they've been in a few weeks. Frankly, cold temperatures are a blessing, because then the mudd on the streets will freeze and I'll be able to tell the color of my boots when I get home from running errands. And judging by the stories of people here, the winter is likely to continue in the 15-20F range with few days with *really* cold weather. Who would've thought that I'll find warmer climate IN RUSSIA?

First snow: view from our apartment balcony (notice mom's blooming flowers in the window!).

First snow: view from my bedroom window.

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Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

Interesting. I'm kind of bummed that you aren't walking around in snowshoes, utilizing the talent we mastered in active lifestyles. :)