Sunday, October 26, 2008

Invitation for Adam

Guess what? We finally got Adam's invitation to Russia approved! I got it in my hands on Saturday, October 18th, and dropped it off in the mail on Monday, the 20th. The invitation is only good through December 16th.

When mailing the invitation, I just assumed that they'll put it through Air Mail as always. Also, assuming that I probably should be able to track the letter's location, I should send it "registered" mail. After getting the receipt, I realized the letter was sent surface mail... you know, via Titanic. The post office clerk refused to do anything about it - kind of expected over here. Few days later, I asked the clerk if she can track the letter's location, since it was "registered." She said that the tracking number is only good for when the letter never arrives to its destination :) Fabulous! Finally, it dawned on me to see if the Russian mail system has a website (you just never know), they do! So, dear post office clerk, FYI - you can track the letter on that site.

We are really hoping for Adam to get the invitation early November, so he can process his Russian visitor's visa through the Seattle consulate and head over to Russia in December. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

lmao @ dear post office clerk :)

Hurray for visitors passes!

Boo for titanic shipment... you know what happened to that boat, right? ;)